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Week 4 - PE - Final Project

Wow!  That was a great side trip from the continuing paddle trip around the state of Florida!  I decided I needed to teach a lesson on iVoted and, so I did with a group of fellow faculty!  We had a blast with a Caribbean theme running through it!  My staff members just jumped on the chance to infuse some new technology into the classroom.

You can take a rainy day and still make it shine with a good time, like sharing Web 2.0 tools!  Oh, no...what am I saying?  I have become Tech-O-Lated!  I am proud of it and I am on a mission to share it!  Below you will find my corrected Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario (RILS).  Then watch my short Documentary on my RILS in  action!

Relevant and Innovative Learning
Name:  Michaelann S.

Step 1 Target Audience – My Target Audience will be my fellow faculty!

Step 2 Materials – I will need to utilize:
A Conference Room       My computer
A Projection System       Staff will need their computers
Fellow Faculty                iVoted and

Step 3 Objectives
After this presentation the student will be able to participate in answering questions in the iVoted poll by using email.

After this presentation the student will be able to produce a set of flash cards using

Step 4 Procedures
1.  Invite staff to a fun adventure into learning in the conference room.  I think a jungle theme will be fun!

2.  Whilethey are coming in, on the projection screen there will be an iMovie playing with a black back ground with the words fading in and out using iVoted, a free Web 2.0 tool, free polling, instant results, group participation and show the logo shot of the website.  Then the iMovie will continue with the same format for, a free Web 2.0 tool, make flash cards, games for learning, text reading available.  These will run for about 3 minutes and be pre-exposure.

3.  I will have the team read my blog about the iVoted Web 2.0 tool and watch the OMM.  Then I will have them read my blog about the and watch those videos also.  They did this as I explained my objectives for the class.

4.  I will then work through explaining each piece of iVoted and how it works.  Then I will make a poll question and answers regarding their comprehension of the material. 

5.  I will then work through explaining each usable element of and how it works. Then I will make a poll question and answers regarding their comprehension of the material.

6.  I will break the participants up into small groups and have them create a set of flash cards to share with the class.   This did not occur, because of such a small group so we all work together on the exercises.

7.  I will also poll the students on what particular elements of they feel would be beneficial to use in the class.  I did not do this because the staff had great ideas they were sharing back and forth!  I ran with it!  Then came back to my lesson plan as these ideas we slow down.

8.  I polled staff at the end of the presentation to see how effective the teaching was!  I asked, “Was the instructor engaging and motivating?”  I received a resounding, yes!  I added the no just for fun!

Step 5 Web 2.0 Tool
Both iVoted and will be used in this lesson.  The students were University instructors and I found none of the staff had used either of these programs.

Step 6 Social Participation/Social Learning
My students will participate in numerous instant polls via email and see the results instantly.  They will also be creating a set of flash cards in small groups.  Finally, they will vote using iVoted to select which features in they would like to use in their classes.  The students would need to discuss what questions they would want to pose for either the iVoted or  The group of students will need to sign in for free to both iVoted and Quizlet to use them in their group activity.

Step 7 Making Connections  
My students will be taking this new knowledge from and using with their students online or in class.  The one lesson in particular this is related to is the Study Aid Creation assignment.  Here the college students read about and take tests for Cognitive Learning styles, Brain Dominance and Multiple Intelligences.  They must pick a topic from one of two chapters and put it into a study aid that will work with their two highest cognitive learning styles.  For instance, I am a visual and kinesthetic learner.  I would do very well using the flash cards available in I could create my study aid and use this website.  Even if I was auditory I can use since it has voice capability now!

Step 8 Create/Produce
In Step 6 of my procedure my students/staff will be able to create a set of flash cards in and then be able to use them in the Scatter game.   In turn they will be able to teach their students how to use this Web 2.0 tool.

Step 9 Assessment
I will use iVoted to poll my participants to see how much final knowledge they have obtained.  Also, I will have the small groups present the set of flash cards they created.  In closing I would poll them with iVoted and see if they feel this presentation was enjoyable, understandable, and usable.

Step 10 Reflection
Part 1 I will reflect on the process of the presentation.

Did it go smoothly?  Did the pre-exposure upon the student’s arrival to the room peak their interest?  Was there enough novelty in the jungle theme to keep then entertained?  Did the students learn effectively how to use iVoted by answering using email?  How well did students create their flash card sets?  Was the presentation of the overwhelming?  Was there resistance from the students?

These are some questions I would like to evaluate once I have completed the presentation/lesson.

Part 2 the students will need to reflect on the presentation and process.

Were they entertained?  Was the instructor engaging and motivating?  Do I feel the is a useful tool for my students and me?  Will I be able to get my students to want to use  Will work for my visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners?  Do I want to pull my hair out now?  Why did I have to be the monkey in the jungle?

Here are some questions the students may contemplate at the end of the presentation/lesson.

I have corrected my RILS per Rena's instructions.  Also, I altered my theme from jungle theme to Caribbean theme.   Staff loved it and it went very well!

Now, check out this rad documentary I made about it, man!

Well, I am heading back to my tent for a great nights sleep! I bet I have a few dreams of all the great software out there for education!

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