Saturday, March 12, 2011

BP5 - Link to another's blog

Hi Everyone!
I want you to know how lucky the kindergarten children in Robeson County are!  Follow this link to Rosalyn's blog to find out!
There might be rough waters getting there so where your PFD (personal flotation device)!  Also, you will need to keep your safety whistle with you at all times, it's the law!
This is a picture taken from my kayak in the middle of the Silver Springs Attraction off hwy 40 in the town of Silver Springs, Florida.  My friends and I paddled up the Silver River (6 miles against a 2 - 3 mph current) to the head of the springs in the park.  Waterways in Florida are public so we had as much right to be there as those original aluminum glass bottom boats!  The tourists love seeing us, but the captains of the boats just want us out of the way.  LOL  We wave and say "Hello" all is good!

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