Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!

Make sure you have on plenty of sunscreen to read this blog!  I chose to use LetterPop for my newsletter creator to be used to inform my fellow faculty of up coming adventures in learning about technology!  I am trying to make this as much fun as possible to help them infuse more technology into their classes.

I found this newsletter publisher to be sunny with clouds.  I very much liked all the templates they had available!  The platform is very easy to use, but a bit buggy.  I had to start over four times because it kicked me out or did not like the image I chose to use.  I did find that it is a bit slow, but does save your work if you are knocked off of the site or you computer locks up.

I watched the tutorial for using the publisher, but they really only covered the very basics of dragging the template over and then dragging photos to it.  I wanted to change the color of my font, but that is not available on the free version.  Although, it will let you upload 25 of your own images for free!  I like that! When you sign in and go to "My Account" you will find all sorts of helpful stuff in designing, locating, editing and uploading images there!  They just do not tell you to go there in the tutorial.  Well, I can't complain now when I work with other Web 2.0 tools and I am having trouble I will go to the "My Account" section and find out more!

I will continue to use this newsletter publisher for my staff at work, but I will keep my eyes pealed for others as I travel through the valley of Web 2.0 tools! 

So, just keep paddling smoothly along as we continue our journey on the Education Expedition!

Bye for now!  I am turning down my sleeping bag and getting ready for an evening by the campfire!  Don't forget to keep the tent zipped up the mosquitoes are starting to come out and FEED.

"Hey, you want some fresh coconut sprinkled on that?"

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