Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wow! It is so bright and sunny I will need my polaroid glasses and a wide brimmed hat!  I have fallen in love with my iGoogle pages!  Above is my home page and I just love how I can change the template to have beautiful natural backgrounds, since I am not able to travel, paddle, camp or hike in school right now.  It gives me a little boost as I navigate as fast as lightning from one site to another.  I am organized and have found my niche!

Here is a perfect example of the neat stuff I am enjoying on my pages!  All of my FSO stuff in one place.  I can even add different styled "To Do Lists" to each page.  See that clear blue water!  That is like paddling down the rainbow river in Dunnellon, Florida!
My CBR page is a little sparse, but I do not believe that is going to stay that way as we adventure further into the trails of our CBR project.  I imagine by the end of this class alone I will learn from our instructor and you my readers all sorts of gadgets to add!

This page rocks!  I love being able to launch my Blog from here.  Just one click and I am in.  No more going to my sticky notes to get a URL or bookmarking so many different items.  I can't find the ones I use regularly!  These iGoogle pages have saved me so much time!  I love that!  Now, if I can only figure out a way to bunch that time all up and go on a fantastic kayak trip to Cumberland Island, GA!

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