Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 4 - PE - Final Project

Wow!  That was a great side trip from the continuing paddle trip around the state of Florida!  I decided I needed to teach a lesson on iVoted and, so I did with a group of fellow faculty!  We had a blast with a Caribbean theme running through it!  My staff members just jumped on the chance to infuse some new technology into the classroom.

You can take a rainy day and still make it shine with a good time, like sharing Web 2.0 tools!  Oh, no...what am I saying?  I have become Tech-O-Lated!  I am proud of it and I am on a mission to share it!  Below you will find my corrected Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario (RILS).  Then watch my short Documentary on my RILS in  action!

Relevant and Innovative Learning
Name:  Michaelann S.

Step 1 Target Audience – My Target Audience will be my fellow faculty!

Step 2 Materials – I will need to utilize:
A Conference Room       My computer
A Projection System       Staff will need their computers
Fellow Faculty                iVoted and

Step 3 Objectives
After this presentation the student will be able to participate in answering questions in the iVoted poll by using email.

After this presentation the student will be able to produce a set of flash cards using

Step 4 Procedures
1.  Invite staff to a fun adventure into learning in the conference room.  I think a jungle theme will be fun!

2.  Whilethey are coming in, on the projection screen there will be an iMovie playing with a black back ground with the words fading in and out using iVoted, a free Web 2.0 tool, free polling, instant results, group participation and show the logo shot of the website.  Then the iMovie will continue with the same format for, a free Web 2.0 tool, make flash cards, games for learning, text reading available.  These will run for about 3 minutes and be pre-exposure.

3.  I will have the team read my blog about the iVoted Web 2.0 tool and watch the OMM.  Then I will have them read my blog about the and watch those videos also.  They did this as I explained my objectives for the class.

4.  I will then work through explaining each piece of iVoted and how it works.  Then I will make a poll question and answers regarding their comprehension of the material. 

5.  I will then work through explaining each usable element of and how it works. Then I will make a poll question and answers regarding their comprehension of the material.

6.  I will break the participants up into small groups and have them create a set of flash cards to share with the class.   This did not occur, because of such a small group so we all work together on the exercises.

7.  I will also poll the students on what particular elements of they feel would be beneficial to use in the class.  I did not do this because the staff had great ideas they were sharing back and forth!  I ran with it!  Then came back to my lesson plan as these ideas we slow down.

8.  I polled staff at the end of the presentation to see how effective the teaching was!  I asked, “Was the instructor engaging and motivating?”  I received a resounding, yes!  I added the no just for fun!

Step 5 Web 2.0 Tool
Both iVoted and will be used in this lesson.  The students were University instructors and I found none of the staff had used either of these programs.

Step 6 Social Participation/Social Learning
My students will participate in numerous instant polls via email and see the results instantly.  They will also be creating a set of flash cards in small groups.  Finally, they will vote using iVoted to select which features in they would like to use in their classes.  The students would need to discuss what questions they would want to pose for either the iVoted or  The group of students will need to sign in for free to both iVoted and Quizlet to use them in their group activity.

Step 7 Making Connections  
My students will be taking this new knowledge from and using with their students online or in class.  The one lesson in particular this is related to is the Study Aid Creation assignment.  Here the college students read about and take tests for Cognitive Learning styles, Brain Dominance and Multiple Intelligences.  They must pick a topic from one of two chapters and put it into a study aid that will work with their two highest cognitive learning styles.  For instance, I am a visual and kinesthetic learner.  I would do very well using the flash cards available in I could create my study aid and use this website.  Even if I was auditory I can use since it has voice capability now!

Step 8 Create/Produce
In Step 6 of my procedure my students/staff will be able to create a set of flash cards in and then be able to use them in the Scatter game.   In turn they will be able to teach their students how to use this Web 2.0 tool.

Step 9 Assessment
I will use iVoted to poll my participants to see how much final knowledge they have obtained.  Also, I will have the small groups present the set of flash cards they created.  In closing I would poll them with iVoted and see if they feel this presentation was enjoyable, understandable, and usable.

Step 10 Reflection
Part 1 I will reflect on the process of the presentation.

Did it go smoothly?  Did the pre-exposure upon the student’s arrival to the room peak their interest?  Was there enough novelty in the jungle theme to keep then entertained?  Did the students learn effectively how to use iVoted by answering using email?  How well did students create their flash card sets?  Was the presentation of the overwhelming?  Was there resistance from the students?

These are some questions I would like to evaluate once I have completed the presentation/lesson.

Part 2 the students will need to reflect on the presentation and process.

Were they entertained?  Was the instructor engaging and motivating?  Do I feel the is a useful tool for my students and me?  Will I be able to get my students to want to use  Will work for my visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners?  Do I want to pull my hair out now?  Why did I have to be the monkey in the jungle?

Here are some questions the students may contemplate at the end of the presentation/lesson.

I have corrected my RILS per Rena's instructions.  Also, I altered my theme from jungle theme to Caribbean theme.   Staff loved it and it went very well!

Now, check out this rad documentary I made about it, man!

Well, I am heading back to my tent for a great nights sleep! I bet I have a few dreams of all the great software out there for education!

Friday, March 18, 2011

PE5 -

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a good day!  I am thankful, I am!  It is a good day to just sit your rear in the sand on the beach.  Let that bleached white sand fall through your fingers.  Now, dig your toes deep into it and feel the coolness beneath the surface!  If you just contemplate the water and scan slowly from left to right you will be rewarded with the sight of a dolphin or a pod of them passing!  Maybe even the big nose of a manatee will appear!

Well, I went on the great adventure.  I have found out a great amount about it and want to share it with you!  First, I jumped into the Home page to see what was there for me to use.  They have a place for you to link to Facebook.  I am not a big Facebook user, except for class, so I will not take advantage of that function.  Next, I looked down the page to find Quizlet News and new sets of flash cards.  I then moved to the center of the page and found under "Quick Links" my settings, invite/find your friends, Say thanks and Logout.  Below this I found where I could easily get to my sets of Flash Cards and they are listed by their names.  Finally, I looked into the Group Activity.  Here is a quick gander!

All the while I am thinking how will this site help me motivate my fellow faculty to want to infuse more technology into their classes.  Well, I feel part of motivation is purpose.  If you find value and purpose in an item you will be more motivated to learn about it, use it.  So, this will not only be a tool the students can use for one of our assignments.  It is a tool they can use through the rest of there college courses!

As you can tell I like to have fun!  So, why not play games while you are learning material!  There is a game called Scatter on the site. You can play this game against the clock and it will keep score!  You can also play against friends that you invite or are in your group!  I did a little video to fill you in on fun and learning!


I was impressed with the ability of the site to read your flash cards to you!  This is a great feature!  I have so many auditory learners that will benefit from this!  There are a couple of places you can use this feature and I have detailed one here for you in this video!


It is not only about your sets of flash cards or your group's sets of flash cards.  You can search for other subjects in flash card sets!  I looked up Psychology and found everything form Abnormal Psychology to some Psychology subjects I have not even heard of.   Also, you can use images now on the flash cards!  I found a great set of flash cards that used pictures of our Heads of Government.  They started as high as the President of the United States and Vice President of the United States and moved on down through Secretary of Defense, and so on.  The front of the card had a photo and the back of the card had the title of the individual and the name of them.   I will not admit to how many I did not know...

In a nutshell, or coconut you find bobbing in the Gulf of Mexico.  I really, found great value in this site.  Not only for staff to give to students for one particular assignment, but for a whole college experience.  Next, it was easy to navigate and use.  It did not crash or hang up on me.  Also,  it was fun!  I know this material I entered, but I still had to search for it in the game Scatter!  I have only one comment to make that is not positive.  The site is to white!  If the site used two eye soothing colors it would be so much more tolerable.   I had to do videos with blue beginnings and endings, since I could not stand just the straight white photos I would have embedded into my blog.  Notice my site is not all white!  LOL

Well, it is time to get the sand out of my britches!  Heat up my alcohol stove and cook up a nice meal! If you hear bad singing of show tunes coming from the shore, just paddle on by...  Unless, you want to join in!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

PE4 -

Ahoy Me Fine Mateys!

Oh, wait! I am mixed up here! It has been the week for it. I want to thank all of those who I shared with and you were supportive. I want to thank those that did not contact me, but shared positive thoughts and prayers for those involved.

Part of this week reminded me of my second trip to Cumberland Island, GA. We left from the boat ramp at Crooked River State Park. Then we paddled 13 miles to Brick Hill Bluff on the north west side of Cumberland Island. That day the winds were consistent at about 17 miles per hour with buoys clocking gusts to 22 miles per hour. The water was horribly rough, with waves and swells. Not to mention paddling into the wind during part of this trip!

I was never so nervous as I paddled out of the boat ramp with an 18 foot boat into a 7 foot long swell running about 6 foot deep with a 4 mph current going out. SCARY! Anyway I made it through but I had no knees left when I got through it. I had a rear end on the seat of the boat and feet on the foot rests. No knees, they were passed being rubber or jello. They finally came back. I can say now. I am finally coming back!

This picture is on Crooked River with me looking at the Naval Base with binoculars.  I am in my 18ft Eddy-line Falcon!  This was the first trip to Cumberland Island GA.
Onto the amazing!
I have already reviewed and learning about LetterPop and iVoted. In this post I am going to look at I was at first not to impressed with the site. It was glaring white! Not much interesting images to entice my visual needs! It was like kayaking on a sunny day with no sunglasses. The glare will destroy your eyes. I decided to delve deeper. I immediately signed up for the free version of Then I jumped over everything to make a set of flash cards and here they are!

I looked around the site and went to my dashboard to do a bit of organizing and see what else I could do. I found out I could see all the sets of flash cards I created. I also had access to multiple ways of organizing my flash cards or other sets of cards. It even shows what I have studied and how! It gives a place for your discussions, group names and keeps statistics on your progress! I am in love with this site!
I am very pleased this site was mentioned during our Wimba session on Tuesday night.  It was great to hear about each persons finds!  Just like a treasure hunt!  Especially, with a great group you know did in depth, reliable, valid research on the Web 2.0 tool!  I need to investigate this fine jewel a bit further!  Stick around more fun to come!  What else would you expect?

I need to turn in now.  After reliving the harrowing Cumberland Island paddle trip again.  I am worn  out!  I am looking forward to turning into my tent and leave one flap of the rain fly rolled up to feel the gentle breeze coming through the no-see-em netting.  It is relaxing to lay on your side and see the clouds puff past the moon.

Good night and thank you again for all your support and caring!  My best to you all!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

BP6 - Link to another's blog

Hi Everyone!
Get ready to enjoy a great adventure in the Low Country with Fari!  She has a great blog on iMovie!  So, grab your favorite medium blade paddle and follow this link to her incredible site! 
Fair Winds!
Here is a preview of what is available in Orlando!  This is Cinderella's Castle in the Tragic Kingdom, oh I mean Magic Kingdom!  I do digress from my paddling adventures, but I like being a little kid too!  This pic is taken from a bridge leading out the the Tomorrow land bridge!  Enjoy! 

BP5 - Link to another's blog

Hi Everyone!
I want you to know how lucky the kindergarten children in Robeson County are!  Follow this link to Rosalyn's blog to find out!
There might be rough waters getting there so where your PFD (personal flotation device)!  Also, you will need to keep your safety whistle with you at all times, it's the law!
This is a picture taken from my kayak in the middle of the Silver Springs Attraction off hwy 40 in the town of Silver Springs, Florida.  My friends and I paddled up the Silver River (6 miles against a 2 - 3 mph current) to the head of the springs in the park.  Waterways in Florida are public so we had as much right to be there as those original aluminum glass bottom boats!  The tourists love seeing us, but the captains of the boats just want us out of the way.  LOL  We wave and say "Hello" all is good!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, I am now nice and comfy by the campfire!  The crickets are singing in the back ground as the bushes rustle with the creatures of the night.  Yeah, those creatures of the night want to raid my food and trash, but I store it in the dry storage of my kayak.  Ha!  Ha!
This has been one of my longest days paddling!  I have worked diligently on my iMovie course from and here is the proof!
It reminds me of fresh water lilies we have in lakes here in Florida!

Well, I have added music in the background before, but not with voice over and Foley!  I had a great time creating this compilation of tasks from the iMovie course.  Let's use this picture as a reference:

As you can see at the beginning I used an intro with background and titles!  Then I added music and sound effects onto that.  I also had to use Ducking for the music.  Next, I incorporated a transition which I feel moves you into the video smoothly.  I only used 5 transitions through the whole video and they were all the same.  Damian who taught the iMovie course was very clear on not using to many transitions.  Then I went into iMovie and grabbed some footage I had of my poodle Truffles speaking.  Actually, licking crazily at the roof of your mouth, which I put honey on for a previous video.  I then created a voice over for her!   Went in to iPhoto and grabbed a bunch of stills of my pets.  I added titles to the pictures and adjusted the Ken Burns affect.  Again, I imported some previous footage of me showing my ferrets to friends via video.
I fell in love with this part!  Picture in a picture!  I knew I wanted to try that out on this video!  I took myself showing the ferrets in a video and had smarty pants Truffles make comments on top of it!  I hope you find it funny, because I was crying/laughing when I finished it!  (Truffles is obedient and very smart, but a bit of a brat!)  So, I just showcased it here!
Next, I added some video of the ferrets that was not originally in iPhoto or iMovie, but still on my video camera.  I continued to add music, sounds and voice over until the end shot!  I had a blast with this!  It was so much easier than anything I had done before and was higher quality!  Not to mention I was done in almost half of the time!  Gee, am I proving I am kinesthetic and do not read the instructions first?
Above you can see the video shots I imported and used sections of!  Where the orange lines are in the videos shows the copies of what I used in this final video for this particular blog!

Get Ready!  Meet my hairy, four, legged family!  (Not responsible for wet britches from laughing hard!)

{Just so you know my Duncan is a 15 yr old poodle and is blind in his left eye.  That is why the eye has the cataract in it.  He is fine and still can chase around the yard with his 4yr old sister Truffles!  All of my pets are someone's trash, they are all rescues!  Consider a rescued pet the next time you want a new member of your family.}

Well, I am heading to my tent and a nice 40 degree sleeping bag.  It is a bit cool tonight here in Florida.  I am glad I brought my warmer bag!  Sleep tight and don't let the bugs bite!  Oh wait, let me check that I pulled the kayak up far enough on shore so the tide does not come in and take my boat out to sea!  Great, now I have use the potty again!  Good night!


Well, I am back!  I have been paddling for a number of hours!  I ate my lunch just floating along with an in coming current, which help me reach my next destination easily.  As I have been paddling I have been watching the iMovie lessons!  I have learned so much!  I will be able to wrap it all up for you in my last blog for this Practical Experience! (I have highlighted some of the effects I used in the final clip)

An item was familiar with, was having limited transitions.  I was taught this when studying Power Point presentations and Keynotes.  It is a lot of fun to add in all the cool bells and whistles while making it, but is sure can make your viewer nauseated.  You know, like kayaking in rough seas with 6 ft swells.  It looks good on camera, yet going through it will make you chum! (term from fishing to attract fish) I have been sticking to using only two different types of transitions per video.  I have been told by instructors in this program in the past to add more transitions.  I guess now I know better!  LOL

I have wanted to use some different fonts on intro or credit slides and did not know why they were not available.  Well, now I know it is because special fonts are only available on certain intro and credit slides.  I have also learned more about using sound effects and Ducking much more effectively.  I tried Ducking on a very early video and just could not get it to work.  Now, I know why.  I was trying way to many things to make it work.  It is a one button click!  Also, I saw how to better use the effects on your photos. There are like 16 available effects!

I was really looking forward to the altering speed of a video clip.  I need to have some were I slow down the crazy pets and then speed them up!  Also, I did not know about how to freeze a frame and the video starts before your selection, freezes on the pic, and then continues with the video!  Very nice touch for a sweet family video or making a specific point in a lesson!
Finally, I was so pleased to learn about white point controls.  In one of the movies the FAB Five turned in month two, my clip compared to my group member's was very yellow!  I now know how to fix that by selecting a white point in the picture and the pic will adjust!  You can also use a true gray.  Can someone show me true gray?  I will use white.  Here you go!  I thought you would like to see the fix!


Good Morning!

I hope you are rested well today!  The Sand Hill Cranes woke me up early with their morning squawking!  I have cooked a fine breakfast and packed up my gear and I am now ready to paddle toward the incredible iMovie practical experience.

I just started using imovie in December when I started the program and never even thought about looking at to help me understand how to us the software!  I trialed and error plunked my way through it to this point.  I have made some very good movies and of course I had the original talking head for my Bio!  LOL

A new item I learned about and just love, is the ability to listen to audio while skimming!  Our videos involve a lot of audio of us teaching, for example.   See the button with the cursor under the horse's nose, that is where you can turn the audio on or off for skimming.  This will enable to me to make efficient edits with out trying to watch what my mouth is saying!  Yeah!  (I used to have horses too!)

The other item I fell in love with, was the "Fine Tuning on the Fly"!  (That is just fun sounding also!  LOL)  I think it is great to go into the "preferences" and choose to add an icon to edit your clips quickly and cleanly.  You can use the left and right arrows to move the clip frame by frame.  This will make my edits even cleaner than before and cut the time down editing! I have also picked up a few hot keys to just make adding a clip quicker, like using the "e" key to add clips from the events.

Overall this has been a great experience in learning more about iMovie.  It  will benefit me, my students and even my friends and family with great videos!  Videos you can learn with!  Videos you can remember with!  I am ready to start up again on my adventure through the iMovie tutorial!

Oh, yeah!  While I am paddling around the state of Florida my pet sitter has been sending me clips of video and I will be putting them all together for you through this blog-a-rama in the Practical Experience for iMovie.  I bet you are wondering how I can do that and paddle with a boat full of food, water and camping gear!  What can I say?  Women are just remarkable! Rock on!  Paddle fast in gator country!  I will meet you at the campsite!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


WWWWeeeeeooooo!  This is Carnival! (Car NEE val) I have found a great Web 2.0 tool!  It is iVoted!  You will need an SPF of 50 and a long white sleeve shirt to not get sunburn from this brightly glowing tool!  The yaks are ready to set sail!

I am in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico paddling with a sweet breeze at my back!  I have on my favorite visor and have donned my crisp white angler shirt!  My Eddyline Merlin is tracking directly towards a great presentation tool that gives the participants instant result!  Yes!  iVoted is a polling tool to be used with groups!  You can find it through Go2Web2.0 link or at .

Your participants, up to 25 with the free version, can instantly response through Twitter, email, and texting.  I will use email with my fellow faculty, since we will be using our computers during the lesson;  Your participants will respond to your multiple answer questions by voting on a keyword the system or yourself generates.  As, soon as they are done responding, “Ding” the results are ready for you to reveal!
I found this website very easy to use and no bugs!  It did not kick me to the curb or hang up on me.  It does not lose your info if you jump around on the site.  You just type in your first questions and then underneath the questions put in the multiple-choice answers.  The results are then available for review instantly in a bar or column chart!  I will be hooked into a projection system so everyone can see it! I felt, even though I created a formal survey in month 3, I needed to have a fun and group way to evaluate what my students want to learn.  This was perfect to find!

Permission to be the administrator can be given to others.  I think this would be a great way to make the interaction student centered and let them run with it.  I think it would be great to let each participant think of a question or small groups to. It gives your learners some control and owner ship over the learning adventure!

With this tool being instant with the response to the questions.  When you get the response to a question it will then enable to you follow the needed direction of questioning. I feel this will make a good compass for which direction your students are leading you! 

Well, I am now back in my kayak and heading for the next campground along the Florida coastline.  I need to rest after partying at the iVoted Carnival!  Give it a try!  


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Made in USA - Please help! Not for class, but for all Americans

Hi Everyone!

My education blogs are all with the adventure in mind to make them fun and flowing!

Now, I am going to go in a little different direction.

We all know someone who is not working in the economy and it may even be you!
I recently went shopping at SteinMart a nice store with great clothes that are just a little different just like me. LOL I purchased three tops that day and when I got home I discovered they were Made in USA!  I immediately phoned my mother and told her.  We were both very pleased this occurred.

Two weeks ago I heard if you make the decision to purchase American made products with just a difference of $3.67 you would be helping to create 10,000 jobs!  I have shared this at work and now I want to share this with you too.  This evening I heard that ABC would be airing all next week how we can buy American made with Diane Sawyer on the evening news. 

I am not trying to promote ABC or Diane Sawyer.  I want to see the kind of information they will be sharing to help my fellow Americans.  Please do not stop giving to your local or national organizations continue helping those in need.  Just when you are getting ready to make a purchase, small or large, please consider where it is made. 

Both of my grandmothers worked in textile sweat shops.  My grandma on my father's side was 6' tall and worked with adult coats.  This was very, heavy, hard work and she put in the linings.  My grandma on my mother's side worked with children coats and she was only 4' 9".  Again, heavy hard work and she did buttons and button holes.  Both were honest hard working first generation immigrants.  Neither finished school, because they had to help raise the children and work.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of either of them losing their jobs.  It is no different for anyone else in this country educated or not. 

Please, please, please take the time to make the decision to try and find and purchase American made products!  Thank you for just reading this simple request!  If you know of any products American made you use regularly, would you please share a comment to my blog!

My best to you and yours!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wow! It is so bright and sunny I will need my polaroid glasses and a wide brimmed hat!  I have fallen in love with my iGoogle pages!  Above is my home page and I just love how I can change the template to have beautiful natural backgrounds, since I am not able to travel, paddle, camp or hike in school right now.  It gives me a little boost as I navigate as fast as lightning from one site to another.  I am organized and have found my niche!

Here is a perfect example of the neat stuff I am enjoying on my pages!  All of my FSO stuff in one place.  I can even add different styled "To Do Lists" to each page.  See that clear blue water!  That is like paddling down the rainbow river in Dunnellon, Florida!
My CBR page is a little sparse, but I do not believe that is going to stay that way as we adventure further into the trails of our CBR project.  I imagine by the end of this class alone I will learn from our instructor and you my readers all sorts of gadgets to add!

This page rocks!  I love being able to launch my Blog from here.  Just one click and I am in.  No more going to my sticky notes to get a URL or bookmarking so many different items.  I can't find the ones I use regularly!  These iGoogle pages have saved me so much time!  I love that!  Now, if I can only figure out a way to bunch that time all up and go on a fantastic kayak trip to Cumberland Island, GA!


Hi Everyone!

Make sure you have on plenty of sunscreen to read this blog!  I chose to use LetterPop for my newsletter creator to be used to inform my fellow faculty of up coming adventures in learning about technology!  I am trying to make this as much fun as possible to help them infuse more technology into their classes.

I found this newsletter publisher to be sunny with clouds.  I very much liked all the templates they had available!  The platform is very easy to use, but a bit buggy.  I had to start over four times because it kicked me out or did not like the image I chose to use.  I did find that it is a bit slow, but does save your work if you are knocked off of the site or you computer locks up.

I watched the tutorial for using the publisher, but they really only covered the very basics of dragging the template over and then dragging photos to it.  I wanted to change the color of my font, but that is not available on the free version.  Although, it will let you upload 25 of your own images for free!  I like that! When you sign in and go to "My Account" you will find all sorts of helpful stuff in designing, locating, editing and uploading images there!  They just do not tell you to go there in the tutorial.  Well, I can't complain now when I work with other Web 2.0 tools and I am having trouble I will go to the "My Account" section and find out more!

I will continue to use this newsletter publisher for my staff at work, but I will keep my eyes pealed for others as I travel through the valley of Web 2.0 tools! 

So, just keep paddling smoothly along as we continue our journey on the Education Expedition!

Bye for now!  I am turning down my sleeping bag and getting ready for an evening by the campfire!  Don't forget to keep the tent zipped up the mosquitoes are starting to come out and FEED.

"Hey, you want some fresh coconut sprinkled on that?"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

BP1_Welcome to my blog

Hi Everyone!

I am so glad you stopped by!  I hope your bags are backed and your kayak loaded on your vehicle.  We are now getting ready to embark on a fantastic journey on the Education Expedition!  I will be your tour guide and hostess Michaelann.  Stay close by and do not take any detours from the chosen path!  I do not want any one to miss out on the adventure into Education Media Design and Technology research!

Just a reminder there is no turning back now!  There may be rough water ahead or angry gators, but we will make it together!  When we reach camp we can hold hands and walk in virtual circles around the campfire to comfort one another!

I love having you along!

Bye for now!