Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, I am now nice and comfy by the campfire!  The crickets are singing in the back ground as the bushes rustle with the creatures of the night.  Yeah, those creatures of the night want to raid my food and trash, but I store it in the dry storage of my kayak.  Ha!  Ha!
This has been one of my longest days paddling!  I have worked diligently on my iMovie course from and here is the proof!
It reminds me of fresh water lilies we have in lakes here in Florida!

Well, I have added music in the background before, but not with voice over and Foley!  I had a great time creating this compilation of tasks from the iMovie course.  Let's use this picture as a reference:

As you can see at the beginning I used an intro with background and titles!  Then I added music and sound effects onto that.  I also had to use Ducking for the music.  Next, I incorporated a transition which I feel moves you into the video smoothly.  I only used 5 transitions through the whole video and they were all the same.  Damian who taught the iMovie course was very clear on not using to many transitions.  Then I went into iMovie and grabbed some footage I had of my poodle Truffles speaking.  Actually, licking crazily at the roof of your mouth, which I put honey on for a previous video.  I then created a voice over for her!   Went in to iPhoto and grabbed a bunch of stills of my pets.  I added titles to the pictures and adjusted the Ken Burns affect.  Again, I imported some previous footage of me showing my ferrets to friends via video.
I fell in love with this part!  Picture in a picture!  I knew I wanted to try that out on this video!  I took myself showing the ferrets in a video and had smarty pants Truffles make comments on top of it!  I hope you find it funny, because I was crying/laughing when I finished it!  (Truffles is obedient and very smart, but a bit of a brat!)  So, I just showcased it here!
Next, I added some video of the ferrets that was not originally in iPhoto or iMovie, but still on my video camera.  I continued to add music, sounds and voice over until the end shot!  I had a blast with this!  It was so much easier than anything I had done before and was higher quality!  Not to mention I was done in almost half of the time!  Gee, am I proving I am kinesthetic and do not read the instructions first?
Above you can see the video shots I imported and used sections of!  Where the orange lines are in the videos shows the copies of what I used in this final video for this particular blog!

Get Ready!  Meet my hairy, four, legged family!  (Not responsible for wet britches from laughing hard!)

{Just so you know my Duncan is a 15 yr old poodle and is blind in his left eye.  That is why the eye has the cataract in it.  He is fine and still can chase around the yard with his 4yr old sister Truffles!  All of my pets are someone's trash, they are all rescues!  Consider a rescued pet the next time you want a new member of your family.}

Well, I am heading to my tent and a nice 40 degree sleeping bag.  It is a bit cool tonight here in Florida.  I am glad I brought my warmer bag!  Sleep tight and don't let the bugs bite!  Oh wait, let me check that I pulled the kayak up far enough on shore so the tide does not come in and take my boat out to sea!  Great, now I have use the potty again!  Good night!

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