Friday, March 18, 2011

PE5 -

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are having a good day!  I am thankful, I am!  It is a good day to just sit your rear in the sand on the beach.  Let that bleached white sand fall through your fingers.  Now, dig your toes deep into it and feel the coolness beneath the surface!  If you just contemplate the water and scan slowly from left to right you will be rewarded with the sight of a dolphin or a pod of them passing!  Maybe even the big nose of a manatee will appear!

Well, I went on the great adventure.  I have found out a great amount about it and want to share it with you!  First, I jumped into the Home page to see what was there for me to use.  They have a place for you to link to Facebook.  I am not a big Facebook user, except for class, so I will not take advantage of that function.  Next, I looked down the page to find Quizlet News and new sets of flash cards.  I then moved to the center of the page and found under "Quick Links" my settings, invite/find your friends, Say thanks and Logout.  Below this I found where I could easily get to my sets of Flash Cards and they are listed by their names.  Finally, I looked into the Group Activity.  Here is a quick gander!

All the while I am thinking how will this site help me motivate my fellow faculty to want to infuse more technology into their classes.  Well, I feel part of motivation is purpose.  If you find value and purpose in an item you will be more motivated to learn about it, use it.  So, this will not only be a tool the students can use for one of our assignments.  It is a tool they can use through the rest of there college courses!

As you can tell I like to have fun!  So, why not play games while you are learning material!  There is a game called Scatter on the site. You can play this game against the clock and it will keep score!  You can also play against friends that you invite or are in your group!  I did a little video to fill you in on fun and learning!


I was impressed with the ability of the site to read your flash cards to you!  This is a great feature!  I have so many auditory learners that will benefit from this!  There are a couple of places you can use this feature and I have detailed one here for you in this video!


It is not only about your sets of flash cards or your group's sets of flash cards.  You can search for other subjects in flash card sets!  I looked up Psychology and found everything form Abnormal Psychology to some Psychology subjects I have not even heard of.   Also, you can use images now on the flash cards!  I found a great set of flash cards that used pictures of our Heads of Government.  They started as high as the President of the United States and Vice President of the United States and moved on down through Secretary of Defense, and so on.  The front of the card had a photo and the back of the card had the title of the individual and the name of them.   I will not admit to how many I did not know...

In a nutshell, or coconut you find bobbing in the Gulf of Mexico.  I really, found great value in this site.  Not only for staff to give to students for one particular assignment, but for a whole college experience.  Next, it was easy to navigate and use.  It did not crash or hang up on me.  Also,  it was fun!  I know this material I entered, but I still had to search for it in the game Scatter!  I have only one comment to make that is not positive.  The site is to white!  If the site used two eye soothing colors it would be so much more tolerable.   I had to do videos with blue beginnings and endings, since I could not stand just the straight white photos I would have embedded into my blog.  Notice my site is not all white!  LOL

Well, it is time to get the sand out of my britches!  Heat up my alcohol stove and cook up a nice meal! If you hear bad singing of show tunes coming from the shore, just paddle on by...  Unless, you want to join in!

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