Thursday, March 17, 2011

PE4 -

Ahoy Me Fine Mateys!

Oh, wait! I am mixed up here! It has been the week for it. I want to thank all of those who I shared with and you were supportive. I want to thank those that did not contact me, but shared positive thoughts and prayers for those involved.

Part of this week reminded me of my second trip to Cumberland Island, GA. We left from the boat ramp at Crooked River State Park. Then we paddled 13 miles to Brick Hill Bluff on the north west side of Cumberland Island. That day the winds were consistent at about 17 miles per hour with buoys clocking gusts to 22 miles per hour. The water was horribly rough, with waves and swells. Not to mention paddling into the wind during part of this trip!

I was never so nervous as I paddled out of the boat ramp with an 18 foot boat into a 7 foot long swell running about 6 foot deep with a 4 mph current going out. SCARY! Anyway I made it through but I had no knees left when I got through it. I had a rear end on the seat of the boat and feet on the foot rests. No knees, they were passed being rubber or jello. They finally came back. I can say now. I am finally coming back!

This picture is on Crooked River with me looking at the Naval Base with binoculars.  I am in my 18ft Eddy-line Falcon!  This was the first trip to Cumberland Island GA.
Onto the amazing!
I have already reviewed and learning about LetterPop and iVoted. In this post I am going to look at I was at first not to impressed with the site. It was glaring white! Not much interesting images to entice my visual needs! It was like kayaking on a sunny day with no sunglasses. The glare will destroy your eyes. I decided to delve deeper. I immediately signed up for the free version of Then I jumped over everything to make a set of flash cards and here they are!

I looked around the site and went to my dashboard to do a bit of organizing and see what else I could do. I found out I could see all the sets of flash cards I created. I also had access to multiple ways of organizing my flash cards or other sets of cards. It even shows what I have studied and how! It gives a place for your discussions, group names and keeps statistics on your progress! I am in love with this site!
I am very pleased this site was mentioned during our Wimba session on Tuesday night.  It was great to hear about each persons finds!  Just like a treasure hunt!  Especially, with a great group you know did in depth, reliable, valid research on the Web 2.0 tool!  I need to investigate this fine jewel a bit further!  Stick around more fun to come!  What else would you expect?

I need to turn in now.  After reliving the harrowing Cumberland Island paddle trip again.  I am worn  out!  I am looking forward to turning into my tent and leave one flap of the rain fly rolled up to feel the gentle breeze coming through the no-see-em netting.  It is relaxing to lay on your side and see the clouds puff past the moon.

Good night and thank you again for all your support and caring!  My best to you all!

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