Friday, March 11, 2011


Well, I am back!  I have been paddling for a number of hours!  I ate my lunch just floating along with an in coming current, which help me reach my next destination easily.  As I have been paddling I have been watching the iMovie lessons!  I have learned so much!  I will be able to wrap it all up for you in my last blog for this Practical Experience! (I have highlighted some of the effects I used in the final clip)

An item was familiar with, was having limited transitions.  I was taught this when studying Power Point presentations and Keynotes.  It is a lot of fun to add in all the cool bells and whistles while making it, but is sure can make your viewer nauseated.  You know, like kayaking in rough seas with 6 ft swells.  It looks good on camera, yet going through it will make you chum! (term from fishing to attract fish) I have been sticking to using only two different types of transitions per video.  I have been told by instructors in this program in the past to add more transitions.  I guess now I know better!  LOL

I have wanted to use some different fonts on intro or credit slides and did not know why they were not available.  Well, now I know it is because special fonts are only available on certain intro and credit slides.  I have also learned more about using sound effects and Ducking much more effectively.  I tried Ducking on a very early video and just could not get it to work.  Now, I know why.  I was trying way to many things to make it work.  It is a one button click!  Also, I saw how to better use the effects on your photos. There are like 16 available effects!

I was really looking forward to the altering speed of a video clip.  I need to have some were I slow down the crazy pets and then speed them up!  Also, I did not know about how to freeze a frame and the video starts before your selection, freezes on the pic, and then continues with the video!  Very nice touch for a sweet family video or making a specific point in a lesson!
Finally, I was so pleased to learn about white point controls.  In one of the movies the FAB Five turned in month two, my clip compared to my group member's was very yellow!  I now know how to fix that by selecting a white point in the picture and the pic will adjust!  You can also use a true gray.  Can someone show me true gray?  I will use white.  Here you go!  I thought you would like to see the fix!

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  1. You had me chuckling with your video demonstration of how to edit the white point in iMovie. I loved the sound effects of the kids cheering/booing!!! Thanks for sharing what you learned. I will keep this in mind, because I find that I'm spending way too much time trying to get decent natural looking lighting, when I could be doing that in post production! Great post, Michaelann.