Sunday, March 6, 2011

Made in USA - Please help! Not for class, but for all Americans

Hi Everyone!

My education blogs are all with the adventure in mind to make them fun and flowing!

Now, I am going to go in a little different direction.

We all know someone who is not working in the economy and it may even be you!
I recently went shopping at SteinMart a nice store with great clothes that are just a little different just like me. LOL I purchased three tops that day and when I got home I discovered they were Made in USA!  I immediately phoned my mother and told her.  We were both very pleased this occurred.

Two weeks ago I heard if you make the decision to purchase American made products with just a difference of $3.67 you would be helping to create 10,000 jobs!  I have shared this at work and now I want to share this with you too.  This evening I heard that ABC would be airing all next week how we can buy American made with Diane Sawyer on the evening news. 

I am not trying to promote ABC or Diane Sawyer.  I want to see the kind of information they will be sharing to help my fellow Americans.  Please do not stop giving to your local or national organizations continue helping those in need.  Just when you are getting ready to make a purchase, small or large, please consider where it is made. 

Both of my grandmothers worked in textile sweat shops.  My grandma on my father's side was 6' tall and worked with adult coats.  This was very, heavy, hard work and she put in the linings.  My grandma on my mother's side worked with children coats and she was only 4' 9".  Again, heavy hard work and she did buttons and button holes.  Both were honest hard working first generation immigrants.  Neither finished school, because they had to help raise the children and work.  It brings tears to my eyes to think of either of them losing their jobs.  It is no different for anyone else in this country educated or not. 

Please, please, please take the time to make the decision to try and find and purchase American made products!  Thank you for just reading this simple request!  If you know of any products American made you use regularly, would you please share a comment to my blog!

My best to you and yours!

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  1. Hi, Michaelann!
    Loved this post! I am a fan of Steinmart too, even though I now have to drive 30 miles to shop because ours in Beaufort was closed last year (economy, you know!). You have no idea how much I appreciate this country, the one that gave me my two wonderful boys, a job, and so much more. You are right the best way to support is when shopping. TOGETHER we make the DIFFERENCE...