Thursday, March 10, 2011


WWWWeeeeeooooo!  This is Carnival! (Car NEE val) I have found a great Web 2.0 tool!  It is iVoted!  You will need an SPF of 50 and a long white sleeve shirt to not get sunburn from this brightly glowing tool!  The yaks are ready to set sail!

I am in the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico paddling with a sweet breeze at my back!  I have on my favorite visor and have donned my crisp white angler shirt!  My Eddyline Merlin is tracking directly towards a great presentation tool that gives the participants instant result!  Yes!  iVoted is a polling tool to be used with groups!  You can find it through Go2Web2.0 link or at .

Your participants, up to 25 with the free version, can instantly response through Twitter, email, and texting.  I will use email with my fellow faculty, since we will be using our computers during the lesson;  Your participants will respond to your multiple answer questions by voting on a keyword the system or yourself generates.  As, soon as they are done responding, “Ding” the results are ready for you to reveal!
I found this website very easy to use and no bugs!  It did not kick me to the curb or hang up on me.  It does not lose your info if you jump around on the site.  You just type in your first questions and then underneath the questions put in the multiple-choice answers.  The results are then available for review instantly in a bar or column chart!  I will be hooked into a projection system so everyone can see it! I felt, even though I created a formal survey in month 3, I needed to have a fun and group way to evaluate what my students want to learn.  This was perfect to find!

Permission to be the administrator can be given to others.  I think this would be a great way to make the interaction student centered and let them run with it.  I think it would be great to let each participant think of a question or small groups to. It gives your learners some control and owner ship over the learning adventure!

With this tool being instant with the response to the questions.  When you get the response to a question it will then enable to you follow the needed direction of questioning. I feel this will make a good compass for which direction your students are leading you! 

Well, I am now back in my kayak and heading for the next campground along the Florida coastline.  I need to rest after partying at the iVoted Carnival!  Give it a try!  



  1. I love your narrative style. I feel retarded now that I've seen your BP4. I like the tool too. I vote for the quick escape to the gulf, while you seamlessly teach me about the tool. Learning never felt so good...THANKS!

  2. Michaelann - what a great interactive tool to use in group training sessions. I've come to like the immediate feedback that polls provide in our various Wimba classes with Course Directors and CBR meetings with Roxanne. I can easily see myself using this tool during training webinars at work because it's a neat way to get participant input. And of course the element of surprise keeps everyone on their toes. If I don't have their attention, this will help to get it.'s another way to interact with my pilot group and target audience during the CBR project. Thanks!