Friday, March 11, 2011


Good Morning!

I hope you are rested well today!  The Sand Hill Cranes woke me up early with their morning squawking!  I have cooked a fine breakfast and packed up my gear and I am now ready to paddle toward the incredible iMovie practical experience.

I just started using imovie in December when I started the program and never even thought about looking at to help me understand how to us the software!  I trialed and error plunked my way through it to this point.  I have made some very good movies and of course I had the original talking head for my Bio!  LOL

A new item I learned about and just love, is the ability to listen to audio while skimming!  Our videos involve a lot of audio of us teaching, for example.   See the button with the cursor under the horse's nose, that is where you can turn the audio on or off for skimming.  This will enable to me to make efficient edits with out trying to watch what my mouth is saying!  Yeah!  (I used to have horses too!)

The other item I fell in love with, was the "Fine Tuning on the Fly"!  (That is just fun sounding also!  LOL)  I think it is great to go into the "preferences" and choose to add an icon to edit your clips quickly and cleanly.  You can use the left and right arrows to move the clip frame by frame.  This will make my edits even cleaner than before and cut the time down editing! I have also picked up a few hot keys to just make adding a clip quicker, like using the "e" key to add clips from the events.

Overall this has been a great experience in learning more about iMovie.  It  will benefit me, my students and even my friends and family with great videos!  Videos you can learn with!  Videos you can remember with!  I am ready to start up again on my adventure through the iMovie tutorial!

Oh, yeah!  While I am paddling around the state of Florida my pet sitter has been sending me clips of video and I will be putting them all together for you through this blog-a-rama in the Practical Experience for iMovie.  I bet you are wondering how I can do that and paddle with a boat full of food, water and camping gear!  What can I say?  Women are just remarkable! Rock on!  Paddle fast in gator country!  I will meet you at the campsite!

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